Jordan Thomas (JT)

Director | Cinematographer | Editor

Cineclipse Productions is a St. Louis, MO based (but not exclusive to) Video Production & Post-Production Company that was founded in 2016. Cineclipse Productions has prided itself on helping others tell their story. Tackling various projects such as Feature Films/Short Films, Commercials, Music Videos, other Live Events, and much more. We have always been able to maintain a connection with clients that is recurring.

Though we cannot do it without other team members and contributors of Cineclipse Productions, JT is the founder and follows a certain code of principle to heighten success for his path as well as others.  Graduating from Webster University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Film Production, his passion has always been about "creating" and it always takes the help of others to make it happen. Under Cineclipse Productions there is a wide variety of content that shows creativity and quality. We work as a team to get a project from start to completion.